Crews are working on the finishing touches both inside and out of the new Center for the Arts and hope to have administrators begin the move-in process next month.

The north courtyard between the Wilder Dining Hall, Danforth Gym and Center for the Arts has been landscaped and sod installed. Work along the south side, including new exposed aggregate sidewalks, grading and final landscaping remain between the admission office and the new building.

The barn's old weathervane is now a beautiful piece of art installed in front of the building. The weathervane's cow remains tagged with an earring, which we'd love to hear your memories of how that exactly occurred (please feel free to email us with your stories).

Inside the building, final touch ups and painting begins, while final millwork and flooring installs finish up. Permanent lighting fixtures are going in. And crews are beginning to commission and test all the mechanical and electrical systems, which will take place over the next month as they look to get their final inspection for occupancy in October. 

Please note that plans are underway for a campaign celebration to take place in April of 2019. We hope all who helped us make this campaign’s goals a reality will come to campus and join in the festivities.