The construction of the Center for the Arts is moving right along, particularly with insulation, sheetrock walls, roof and window panels.  

Crews worked in all conditions during March and April to weatherproof the outside of the structure. The entire building is now swathed in layers upon layers of waterproofing and insulating materials.

Likewise, the roof underwent a transformation of its own. For several weeks the weather slowed progress on the roof. Now that installation of the first red layer of protection has been finished and insulated panels of material have been added, a new layer of grey steel has been installed over a major section of the building. As you can see in these photos, much of the roof resembles the other structures on campus with its grey ridged steel roof.

Nearly all of the glass panels are in place, including the panels that surround the light-filled Main Street entryway, the skylights over "Arts Street" (the main hallway in the building) and the corridor from the classrooms to the theater. On the back side of the building, the glass panels wrapping the building's corners offer dramatic views of the pools and tennis courts that are paralleled by no other building on campus. 

Finally, with much of the steel framing done inside the building, crews now are creating the first of many sheetrock walls. It's now possible to have a real sense of where each of the spaces and classrooms will be. Despite the vast number of spaces and walls, there is a tremendous amount of natural light and openness throughout both levels of the building.