The boys 3rd soccer team has one more reason to rejoice in the Center for the Arts renovation: Soil from the school’s current big dig is being used to regrade the team’s notably uneven playing field.

“For many years — stretching back even before my 10 years at Brooks — the 3rd field has been somewhat notorious for being unlevel,” longtime coach John Haile noted. “It’s the kind of thing I always had to say to visiting coaches when they came to play here, ‘Hey, I’m sorry the field isn’t level, but it’s thirds, right?’ There was also a big buried rock that protruded just above the surface of the field that was too large for Bill St. Cyr’s crew to move. So we just played around it…”

Construction crews dug up from the Center for the Arts site a total of 9,600 cubic yards of soil, all of which is considered classified soils and needs to be tested routinely. The school saved roughly $200,000 by keeping the soil on campus grounds, instead of paying to remove it.

“If the soil had been hauled off campus, it would have been very expensive,” Senior Director of Facilities Patrick Willoughby noted. “We decided to solve a problem we already had while also avoiding another issue. The field is not going to be state of the art, but it will be so much better than before.”

Roughly 3,000 cubic yards, currently stockpiled by the field, will return to the Center for the Arts, bringing the site back up to its finished grade. In conjunction with her “Kindness Rocks” campaign, Dean of Teaching and Learning Mary Jo Carabatsos recently picked through the mount for small rocks. Students will decorate them with inspirational phrases before placing them about campus.

Crews are using the remaining 6,300 cubic yards to regrade the 3rd soccer field at a 2 percent pitch, allowing for drainage. The goal is to hydro-seed by the end of September, giving the field a year for growth before the team returns to its home base.

“With this leveling, however, I have no doubt that we’ll have the best 3rd soccer field in New England come next year,” Haile proclaimed.