In a few short weeks, returning students and faculty will discovered a campus transformed. While we are still more than a year away from a finished Center for the Arts, it is exciting to begin to see the project taking shape.

The auditorium and all of the spaces that housed our theater, visual art and music programs have been removed. During the summer, the remaining debris was removed from the site to make way for groundwork and excavation for the East and West basements of the new center. 

Earth removed from the construction site will be re-purposed. The soil will be used to build up and and level out the boys third team soccer field. The field will be a fantastic byproduct of the project and will elevate the soccer program. Loam continues to be stockpiled along the northern edge of the field in preparation for this project. This process not only benefits the soccer program, but also saves the school a significant amount of money that would have otherwise gone to hauling the dirt off campus. 

In the basement below the Danforth squash courts and rowing tanks, crews completed underpinning the structure with new support beams. Along Main Street, the soil was excavated several feet below street level to aid in installing new steam lines. Work was completed in June and July to mount a fire hydrant across Main Street. In August, we started installing a new steam line and a manhole on Main Street. Crews could be seen welding large pipes on site.

Another noticeable development was the soil-nailing process to stabilize and shape the slope of soil surrounding the Center for the Arts. 

Perhaps the most exciting development in August are the first signs of the new building. We began pouring concrete for the elevator pit slab and walls, and poured the footings for the west basement. This process will be repeated for the East basement in the next few weeks.

Every step the school takes toward the center's completion is a result of the combined efforts of donors who supported our vision for Brooks School. Thank you for your forethought and generosity.