Anna Trustey Memorial Field

On Friday, October 23, the new turf field was named Anna K. Trustey Memorial Field in honor of Anna Trustey ’16. Anna and her father, Brooks board member Joe Trustey, passed away last summer. In front of the biggest home crowd of the year, Head of School John Packard led the dedication ceremony. His remarks and video from the night are below.

In the morning following the accident that took Anna and her father, Joe, from us so suddenly, I was working on a communication scheduled to go to our school community as soon as I finished it. I remember laboring over that communication with so much swirling in my head, as I so desperately wanted to get it right about two extraordinary people and how much they mattered to our school.

Before too long, I found my way to these words about Anna: “Anna was beloved by all who were fortunate enough to know her. She was good to the core.”

It has been hard for any number of us to capture words that encapsulate the depth and breadth of her spirit. Indeed, this is something of an effort in futility given all that Anna was and is to the countless number of lives she touched in her all too brief life. Yet, it is her goodness that stands out to me this evening.

She was an excellent student, a hard worker, and a person with talents that permeated and energized the school in so many meaningful ways. There was no community within the larger Brooks School community that was not better by virtue of her leadership, citizenship, and always true sense of what was right. When she was a younger student at Brooks, older students admired and respected her grit. Her peers appreciated her integrity and rare ability to befriend anyone and everyone. As an older student at Brooks, younger students admired and felt her warmth and kindness. And she was fun; so much fun to be around.

To be sure, we miss our friend, and our student, and our advisee, and our school prefect, and our captain, and our roommate, and our teammate, and a citizen like no other at our school. Tonight, we celebrate her life and spirit, all that she was and continues to be to us, all the ways she reached us and will continue to reach us throughout our lives, and we name this field certain to recall all that was so wonderful about her; certain to be inspired by her example; certain to feel her warmth; certain in the knowledge that visiting here will remind us again and again that she was good to the core.

On your way to the field, we hope you had an opportunity to see the plaque fixed to a stone that will forever be there reminding us of some of Anna’s many virtues.

It reads:

“Embraced forever in our hearts. Anna Kathleen Trustey. Student, Prefect, Captain, Friend. Engaging, Optimistic, Gracious, and Wise, Anna embodied the soul of Brooks School. She generously shared her spirit and smile with everyone she met.

This is followed by a passage from a song that meant a great deal to her.

The passage reads:
“Wherever I go, I’m taking you with me. Wherever I go, you’re coming along. Cause you’re in my blood, capturing my soul. You’re in my heart, and that’s where you belong.”

And now, with all of you as witnesses, I dedicate this field Anna K. Trustey Memorial Field and invite the captains of our girls’ soccer team, boys’ basketball team, and girls’ lacrosse team to unveil the sign bearing the name of this field for as long as it endures.