A Long-lasting Impact

What does “the most meaningful educational experience” mean to a Brooks student? Ask that question and you’ll probably get answers as varied as our students themselves.

For nearly a century, Brooks has maintained a unique focus on helping individual students discover the strengths, talents and character that will carry them on to lives of meaning and purpose. Our mission is a direct outgrowth of that distinguished history.

However, teaching has evolved since I first set foot in a Brooks classroom 25 years ago. Back then, students having a command of the information mattered most. Today, great education is experimental. That’s why we’re so intent on exchange programs, internships, hands-on learning, and deep dives into single subjects over three weeks during Winter Term. These incredible opportunities allow our students to get beyond the familiar, and give them a wider berth to pursue the “sticky” experiences that we know will endure.

Great education is creative, no matter what the discipline. It’s about discovery. That’s why exploring the arts, through both study and participation, is foundational—developing our students’ capacity to imagine, to appreciate beauty and to be comfortable with unknowns.

Great education takes room. It necessitates redesigning physical spaces to promote hands-on learning, a collaborative environment and meaningful personal interaction.

Great education takes great teachers, as it always has. Brooks teachers are the lifelong learners we want our students to be, constantly pushing their own boundaries and evolving the curriculum to keep up in a fast-paced world. We’re invested in our teachers’ professional development as much as they’re invested in the development of our students.

Today, Brooks operates in a challenging marketplace. Providing our students with the campus and the tools they need for learning is not simply the right thing to do—it is a competitive imperative.

The capital initiatives supported by The Campaign for Brooks will make us more competitive with our peers and make it possible to attract more of the sort of students who thrive here.

We have completed the first stage of our capital projects: a renovation of the Chapel and the construction of a turf field.  The impact of both of those initiatives is felt at Brooks every day. Being able to fit the entire school body under one roof during Chapel has brought us closer together as a community. And seeing students cheer on their classmates during a Saturday night game under the lights on Anna K. Trustey Memorial Field illustrates everything that is great about Brooks.

We have more work to do.

On this campaign website, you will find information about our two most essential next steps: a new Center for the Arts and a greater investment in financial aid. These ambitious projects will have a long-lasting impact on our program and ability to deliver on our goal to provide “the most meaningful educational experience our students will have in their lives.”